stand up, plastic people.

Born out of necessity, Chroble is the finest solution to a problem that’s troubled the world since 1978: where to keep Lego minifigs. Each walnut-and-Lego shelf is hand-made to order using methods and design developed and refined with beauty and simplicity foremost in mind.

a walnut × love collaboration

Exactingly made in Oregon, USA with sustainably grown American eastern walnut hardwood and finished in food-safe walnut-based artisanal oils, Chroble shelves are almost good enough to lick. Genuine Lego blocks are bonded to the wood to keep your minifigs securely in place but ready to go.

hangers option

Coats, hats, bags and brollies have never before been so looked down upon by so many plastic people.

Long shelves come with three hangers, mediums come with two and small come with one.

subtle (actual) branding

Once your plastic people population explodes, look underneath to see the heat-branded Chroble logo and the dot-com you need to head back to.

simple mountability

Put a couple screws in the wall and mount it. Even better: make sure the screws are fit for the job, in the right place and level first—easy instructions included! Prefer to display your figs on a desktop? The slots are optional. (Standard with hanger models.)

various lengths for all your needs

Whether you have 25, 13 or 5 minifig besties (or a combination thereof), Chroble has you covered.

Our Etsy shop is also rigged to take custom-length orders: just ask and I'll see what I can do.

the tech spec