a walnut × love collaboration

Chroble, simply, is a place to display Lego minifigs. But it’s much more than that.

These beautiful shelves are the result of much research and development into the field of how to keep those ’figs in order while enhancing the look of walls and tabletops.

Made to order to exacting standards, designer, dad, and now part-time shelf-maker Chris Noble’s perfectionistic sensibilities are his time-loss and your gain.

Having spent its younger days making walnuts, the eastern ‘black’ walnut hardwood is carefully selected and lovingly transformed through a series of stages and very noisy machines. After just enough fine hand-finishing, the hardwood is eventually married forever and ever to the longest, whitest, straightest Lego blocks money can buy.

Nothing has been overlooked.

The Lego blocks’ placement is designed so that when your plastic friends are placed as shown (miss the first knobby, then leave two knobbies between each fig) they cover the joins between the blocks.

Each corner and edge has its own optimized roundness depending on whether it's against the wall on top or bottom, aligned with sharp Lego, or facing forward.

The hanging slots on the back are simple perfection and so easy to use that they may be the bit we like best, even though they'll be hidden the most.

The Chroble logo is heat-branded on the underside so you can remind yourself where you need to go to order another one when your Chroble shelf’s Lego population reaches saturation point.

Even the finish is walnut-based and food safe (though we’re not recommending anyone licks it).

All that thought and process results in a solution that looks so stunning in any space that even those without a Lego minifig collection will want to start one.